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We are the Irish stockists for Hero Campers, designed and assembled in Denmark. Their rugged design, extensive specifications, heavy duty tyres and bags of attitude make them popular with everyone from solo travellers to families of adventurers. Prices start from €17,995

We also source trailers from a number of other market leading tear drop manufacturers and design different custom built trailers based on our unique Terra Hibernia design.

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The Hero Camper has an fully insulated cabin. The unique Thermo Proove sandwich-design means you can stay warm and cozy down to -21° C / -5,8° F.

Options include: Thermostat controlled electric heater (230V) and Propex 2000 gas heater.


Hero Camper comes fully equipped with practical kitchen facilities. Including stainless steel top desk with sink, drawers, water tank, 5V/12/230V power outlets and room for a cooling box.

Options include: 12/230 V cooling box, Optima Dual-purpose battery and Isabella rear kitchen awning.


The Hero Camper Ranger is equipped as standard with the practical SkyMount roof rack. SkyMount can carry 200 kg static and 100 kg dynamic load.

The Hero Camper SkyMount roof rack is standard on all Ranger models.


The Hero Camper features fully integrated LED rear- and brake lights, dual colour front and rear facing door lights, LED illuminated kitchen facilities and practical, LED mood-lighting in the cabin.

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Technical specifications

Height: 232 cm / 7’7″

Length: 482 cm / 15,81′

Width: 230 cm / 7’55”

Net weight: 827 kg / 1.911 lbs

Total weight: 900-1.200 kg / 1.984-2645 lbs

Optional weight: 1.300 kg/ 2.866 lbs

Max. load: 33-333 kg / 242-734 lbs

Tires: 265/65 R17 off-road tires

Water tank: 22 liters / 5.8 gallons

Roof window: Included

Memory foam mattress: Width: 156 cm / 5’1″ Length: 208 cm / 6’9″

Lockable: Yes

Heating: Optional

Charging: One USB charging port, 5V, charging from car (optional)

Electricity: 5V/12/230V, 5V USB charger inside cabin

Roof rack: Yes, Sky Mount Width: 135 cm / 4’5″ Length: 208 cm / 6’9″
Allowed load on roof rack:
Static (when camping): 200 kg.
Dynamic (when driving): 100 kg.