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ARB’s premium recovery kit comes in a large winch pack and includes a snatch strap, winch extension strap, tree trunk protector, snatch block, recovery damper, bow shackles and gloves. Recovering a vehicle offload is something to be taken seriously, kits available at a fraction of the price typically deliver a fraction of the performance. The consequences of this can be disastrous. Recovery equipment is an investment that can literally be life, but certainly vehicle, saving. KIT INCLUDES: Winch Pack recovery bag Snatch strap 8,000kg Tree trunk protector 12,000kg Winch extension strap 4,500kg Recovery damper Recovery gloves 2 x 4.75t type ‘S’ galvanised shackles Snatch block 9,000kg The Weekender Recovery Kit brings together components for snatch recovery, including a cotton canvas bag, an 17,600lb snatch strap, two 4.75T bow shackles, and a pair of gloves. KIT INCLUDES: Recovery bag 1 x Snatch strap 8,000kg Recovery gloves 2 x 4.75t type ‘S’ galvanised shackles

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