BASE Rack Jerry Can Holders

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The ARB BASE Jerry can holder allows easy fitment of jerry cans to your BASE Rack. Double holders secure to two beams, single to one beam or spans between beam. Strap included. Double-horizontal Jerry can holder. The ARB BASE Rack has been designed around the premise of “Build, Attach, Set, Explore”, allowing you to set up, and more importantly, change how the rack is configured and used. When developing the ARB BASE Rack, one of the engineering team requirements was to have a complete roof rack system -racks, mounts, guard rails, and equally important, a wide range of BASE Rack accessories. The dovetail attachment point of the BASE Rack provides several advantages to traditional accessory fitment on roof racks, including: -Accessories can be fitted anywhere on the dovetail feature, either on the rack's perimeter or on the front or rear of each crossbeam. No need to slide along a T-slot with defined entry and exit points. -Easy clean dovetail surface does not accumulate dirt and debris. -Minimal tools required for the fitment of BASE Rack accessories greatly add to the rack's modular nature. -Accessories can be quickly and easily removed when not required if there are height restrictions. For example, for low garage entry or an underground car park, and then refitted on the weekend for camping trips. -Integrated channel within the BASE Rack structure for wiring of auxiliary lighting, solar panels or antennas.

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