Frequently Asked Questions:
Renting Our roof Tents
1. Do you rent tents ?

Yes, we offer the complete range of Tent Box roof tents to rent from our base in Fethard Tipperary. This is perfect if you are looking to try before they buy a roof tent, or you just want to have a unique road trip around Ireland or beyond.

2. How many people can your tents sleep ?

The Classic and Cargo roof tents sleep two and the Lite three (with the roof tent limited to 150kgs of total weight).

3. When should I arrive to pick up my roof tent rental ? 

Tents can be picked up any time after 1pm on the day your rental commences, but no later than 3pm.

4. When should I drop off my  roof tent rental ?

Tents should be returned before 11am on the day your rental finishes.

5. What vehicle documents do I need when I come to collect my roof tent rental ?

You will need to being your vehicle logbook (VRC or VLC) and a copy of your driving license (both addresses need to match)

6. What is a VRC or VLC ?

The documentation certifying ownership of your vehicle will be in the form of a Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) or Vehicle Licensing Certificate (VLC). These documents are also commonly known as you logbook.

7. Do I need anything else to when collecting our roof tent rental ?

In addition to your driving license you will need a utility bill / bank statement / government letter within the last three months with your home address on it.

8. Can I take my rental tent outside of Ireland ?

Yes, you can take your tent to the UK and the EU, anything beyond that we will need to check with our insurers, please call us well in advance for this. You must have an Irish registered car and be a resident in the Republic of Ireland to take your tent outside of Ireland.

9. What is the security deposit for ?

Our tents should be returned in the same condition they were picked up in, except fair wear and tear, on return of your rental tent that is undamaged, nothing is missing and clean your deposit will be fully refunded onto your credit card.

10. Will your roof tents fit my vehicle ?

You need to check the maximum weight limit of your roof bars and roof, these should be 75kgs or higher. If you need any help with this just give us a call and we can check for your specific car make and model.

11. How long does it take to get my tent installed ?

Typically your tent is installed in 30 minutes. Please send a photo of your installed roof bars the day before you arrive to ensure that our tents will fit and your bars are correctly positioned for the roof tent.

12. Does the tent come fully stocked for a trip ?

Yes, your tent comes with a fully stocked kitchen including all crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, pots and pans and a stove. Your roof top tent will come with mattresses installed, but you will need to bring your favorite pillows and duvets or sleeping bags with you to use in the tent. Your kit also includes camping chairs, a table and a power cable for campsite power.

13. What about keeping our tent secure ? 

Roof tent theft is extremely rare, common sense is the best security measure, if you feel that the area you are in may make you or your car vulnerable to theft move on. There is a 750 euro insurance excess payable in the event that your rental tent is stolen while being rented by you.

14. Do you rent roof bars ?

We don't rent roof bars, you need to arrive to collect your tent with your roof bars (across the roof) already fitted to your car.

15. What is the payment schedule for rentals?

You pay 50% of the rental fee when booking and the balance 30 days before your trip. The security deposit is taken on the day of collection.

16. What is your cancellation and refund policy for rentals ?

You can use all of your 50% deposit towards a future rental if you cancel more than 30 days in advance. From 30 to 14 days half of your total payment can be used towards a future rental. Within 14 days no credit or refunds are given for cancellations.

17. How much do rentals cost ?

It varies depending on the time of year, you can check our latest prices and available trailers online.

18. Can I take a rental roof tent to a music festival ?

Yes you are free to take our rental tents to whatever event or festival you plan on attending within the EU or the UK.

19. Are there any extra fees associated with the rental ?

Our rental fees are all inclusive for everything you need for your trip. There are some optional extras including fire boxes and cool boxes that you can add on if you choose.

20. What about cleaning at the end of my hire ?

Your tent should be returned with the interior clean and free of any rubbish. Don’t worry about the outside we will wash that for you. If excessive interior cleaning is required a charge will be deducted from your security deposit.

21. Do you have any recommendation on where to camp ?

Fethard is in the heart of Ireland within easy reach of Ireland’s Ancient East and Wild Atlantic Way. The Rock of Cashel is on our doorstep, The Copper Coast is less than one hour away. We are happy to help you put together itineraries and recommend camp sites that we have tried and tested for your trip.

22. Can I collect my tent earlier than 1pm ?

Typically no, but please give us a call a few days before your rental is due to start and we will see if anything can be done.

23. Do you ever sell your rental tents ?  

We typically sell our rentals after two years. If you’re interested in this please sign up for our newsletter - sales will be first-come, first-served once posted and the price will vary depending on the condition of the tent going on sale.

On the Road with a roof tent
24. This is our first roof tent experience, any tips ?

The most important thing to remember is that your car is higher with the roof tent on it, make sure you know your height before going under car park height barriers, low bridges or tunnels. You will experience a bit more road and wind noise with your roof tent on the car, this is perfectly normal.

1. Remember to measure the height of your car with the roof tent on it before heading off on your adventure. A post it note on your sun visor is a handy place to keep this information for your trip.

2. When packing up make sure you have remembered to pack your tent poles and ladder which are the most common items that get left behind.

3. Make sure your tent is securely closed and all restraining locks and straps are firmly fastened before moving off.

4. Never move your vehicle with the tent open, no matter how short a distance, it takes very little time to open and close the tent, do it every time when moving your vehicle.

5. Do not leave anything sharp in your roof tent when closing it, these can puncture the canvas and damage the tent.

6. The speed limit with your tent on the roof is 120kms an hour where permitted, please do exceed this

25. What are the important things to remember when open and closing our roof tent ?

1. Never overstretch when trying to open or close your tent, make sure you have a firm footing when setting up or closing down your tent.

2. When closing your tent ensure there is no resistance from the contents inside, you can damage the tent if you are forcing it closed.

3. Ensure your tent is securely closed and fastened before moving off

REturning your roof tent
26. What do I do if the tent is wet the morning I am returning it ?

Don't worry just close the tent up as normal, we will dry it at our workshop after you return it.

27. What time do I need to return my roof tent by ? 

Tents should be returned before 11am on the day your rental finishes.

28. How long does it take to remove our rental tent ?

Typically fifteen to thirty minutes, approximately half the time it takes to install your tent as a guide.

29. Is it possible to drop our tent off later than 11am ?

Typically no, but please check with us when you are collecting your tent and we will let you know if anything can be done.

Owning a roof tent
31. What warranty do you offer ?

Our models vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and we are happy to discuss the different specifications prior to you choosing a tent, typically warranties on tents are 5 years (TentBox)

32. How and how often should I be maintaining my roof tent?

Like all camping equipment your tent will require maintenance as an owner to make sure your investment is in tip top shape, remains safe and continues to look good and turn heads. Ultimately the more you use your tent, the more maintenance it will require.
Here are a few ideas:

- Check all fasteners before, during, at at the end of every season. Make sure all bolts and screws are tight, clean and grease all nuts and bolts.

- If your tent is exposed to salt water, sea spray or windy conditions on the coast ensure you clean your tent thoroughly as soon as you get home.

- Check and tighten your brackets once a month, listen carefully for rattles during journeys and check brackets if you hear rattling.

- Once your tent has been used for more than one hundred nights (less if used in coastal areas) you should consider cleaning and re proofing your tent.

- Ensure your tent is opened and aired on a dry day at least once a month if not being used.

- Your mattress must be dried fully before closing your tent for extended periods.

- Remove and wash your mattress cover at the end of your camping season.

- Never wash your ladder, particularly if you get sand in it, remove the feet and use compressed air to clean out sand.  

The more you take care of your tent the better it will serve you, and the more you’ll be able to sell it for if you ever decide to upgrade to a newer model in the future.

33. Will you help me resell my tent ?

We are happy to resell your trailer for you, we can do that from our showroom in Fethard. Resell prices are typically good for well maintained tents. There are also multiple other channels to sell through in Ireland.

Company Information
34. Where are you located ?

We are based in the beautiful Medieval walled town of Fethard in Tipperary, approximately one hour from Cork and Limerick or two hours from Dublin and Galway.

35. What are your hours ?

In summer we are open Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm but normally around earlier and later, just give us a call if you want to drop in outside of these times and we can arrange to meet you.

36. Do you only rent and sell roof tents ?

No, we also offer a range of high quality camping and travel accessories that both perfectly compliment and fit our tents from brands including ARB, Yeti, RidgeMonkey, Front Runner and Hofats.

37. If I cant find the answer to my question here, how can I contact you ?

You can call us, whatsapp us or email us, if we cant answer your call or message straight away (we are either helping customers in the shop, packing trailers, cleaning trailers or organizing stock and shipping) we will call you back within the same working day, our number is 085 253 5366.

Buying roof tent

We can source and stock multiple brands of roof tents some of which are infinitely flexible on length, width, specification. As always we would suggest you visit us in Fethard to discuss the tent options on the market quite early in your decision making process.

38. Do you sell hard and soft shell roof tents ?

Yes we have a range of different hard and soft shell tent options.

39. What weight are your tents ?

Tents start at 45kgs

40. What height will a tent typically add to my car ?

Roof bars typically add 20cms to the height of your car and the tent a further 30cm

41. What is the maximum load that can be put into a tent?

It is model specific, but typically 250kgs to 300kgs is the weight limit on a roof tent.

42. Are roof tents warm enough to camp all year round ?

Yes, but you need to carefully consider your sleeping bag and layered insulation to ensure you are warm enough.

43. What is included with your roof tents ?

All tents come with a ladder and mattress as standard.

44. Do the tents come with roof bars for my car ?

No you need to purchase and install roof bars or a roof rack prior to installing a tent.

45. How can I check if my car is suitable for a roof tent ?

Check the maximum roof load on a car which needs to be 50kgs for a soft tent or 75kgs or greater for a hard shell tent

46. Will I be able to sleep in your tents if I am tall ?

Yes we stock tents with a mattress up to 240cm in length

47. How waterproof are your roof tents ?

Typically roof tents have a hydrostatic rating of 2000 or greater, all of our roof tents are tried and tested in Irish weather.

48.  How do I know what roof tent is right for me ?

We have all of our tents on display in our showroom, we have ambassadors across Ireland who will happily share their knowledge and experience. You can also rent tents to try before you buy.

The Tentbox range
49. How many models do TentBox offer ?

They offer three main models, the Lite, the Classic and the Cargo.

50. What are the most popular models ?

For year round camping, the hard shell Classic and Cargo models are typically more popular. For predominately summer camping and for less frequent use where you will want to take your tent off your car frequently, the Lite is the more popular option.

51. What are some basic add-on options ?

We have a wide range of awnings, awning rooms and annexes that are the most popular add ons with customers buying roof tents.

52. What weight are the TentBox roof tents ?

The Lite is 45kgs, the Classic 64kgs and the Cargo is 74kgs.

53. What is the largest TentBox ?

The TentBox Lite is the largest tent at 1.40m by 2.40m when open.

54. How does the mattress size in the TentBoxes compare to a bed at home ?

Both the Classic and the Cargo have a mattress size similar to a small double bed.

55. Do the TentBoxes come with roof bars or roof racks ?

No you need to have roof bars or a roof rack installed prior to a tent being fitted. All tents come with a mattress and ladder.

67. Can I fit my own TentBox ?

Yes you can, you can either collect a tent from us or have us ship one to you to install yourself.

68. How easy it is to remove and install my TentBox ?

It is typically a two person lift to remove or install your TentBox. We can happily share our tips and tricks with you on the best way to do it.

69. What if my tent needs repaired ?

In the unlikely event of this, we have a full workshop in Tipperary to carry out any repairs that are required, we also have a full range of spare parts.

70. What can I do if I don't have anywhere to store my tent in winter ?

We offer a winter storage service for roof tents, the cost is 20 euros per month from October to March.

71. Can I rent a roof tent to try it before I buy one ?

Yes we offer the full TentBox range to rent all year round.

72. Do you offer any sales or discounts ?

We do have offers on display and ex rental units at the end of each year typically. Please sign up for our newsletter to ensure that you are up to date on any offers, but they do go fast.

Ordering My roof tent
73. How do I get an order started ?

We recommend you visit us in Fethard and we can go through all of the details and the different options you want to have on your tent to ensure we identify the right roof tent for you.  If you have already identified the tent you want you can also order online.

74. Do you have inventory for immediate sale ?

Yes we keep stock of all of our tents, however stock is always limited towards the autumn.

75. What is the deposit structure ?

You can pay a 20% deposit on a tent and we will keep it for you for sixty days. Deposits are non refundable.

76. Do you install tents ?

Yes we can fit your tent at our workshop in Fethard and teach you how to open and close it at the same time.

77. Can you ship it to me ?

We can deliver your tent to anywhere in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Tents come packed onto pallets and you need level entry at your delivery address.

78. What if I need to cancel my order ? Will I get a refund ?  

No, once you pay your deposit, we allocate your unit and no refunds will be given if you then cancel.

79. How can I see a tent in person ?

We have stock models in our showroom in Fethard available to view.

80. Can I rent before I buy ?

Yes we have a rental fleet, you can book online to try and see if roof tent camping is for you (we are sure it will be)

81. Do you sell pre-owned / second hand tents ?

We do sell tents on behalf of our customers, but this is extremely rare and they typically sell within a few days.

82. How often do tent designs change ?

Not frequently, we sell proven well established brands and designs would typically only change every few years, with minor upgrades on an annual basis.

83. Is the price guaranteed once I make a deposit ?

Yes, once you pay your deposit no price changes will happen.

84. When are the new models released ?

Typically any new designs or models are launched in the spring.

85. Can I adjust my order after I make a deposit ?

Typically no, but we will always check for you to see if it is possible.